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Producing Essential Crop Nutrients for America's Farmers

While Improving Supply Diversity and Enhancing Domestic Food Security

Who is American Plant Food (APF)?

American Plant Food (APF) keeps America's farmers growing.

A company with a history that spans 60 years

Founded in 1964 and headquartered in Galena Park, Texas, APF is a privately held producer and distributor of U.S. fertilizer products.

A pioneer in the use of dirt doctors

APF's dirt doctors analyze growers' soil and plant samples to formulate prescription custom blends for specific crops, soil types, and climate conditions.

A provider of plant nutrients to all 48 states in lower USA

APF provides plant nutrients to farmers across the country. We supply 75% of the ammonium sulfate (AMS) used by Louisiana sugar cane and rice farmers.

Growth Starts Here

American Plant Food River Partners is proposing to construct a facility at the Cornerstone Energy Park (CEP). Together, American Plant Food River Partners and Cornerstone Chemical Company (CCC) are working to provide essential crop nutrients to America’s farmers.

The proposed project for the Cornerstone Energy Park in Waggaman, LA brings fertilizer production and handling to an existing plant facility that already has the raw materials needed for fertilizer production onsite. 

APF will own the facilities and the fertilizer. APF will operate the handling facilities and control distribution of all fertilizer products.

Cornerstone will supply feedstocks, utilities, and will
likely operate the production facilities.

The project provides American farmers with essential crop nutrients needed to foster supply diversity while enhancing domestic food security. 


Key Project Facts


Construction-related jobs during 18-month construction phase


New, permanent, full-time, local jobs including a minimum of 13 direct positions and 15 contractor positions with a weighted average annual salary of more than $120K.


Financial investment decision to be determined during Basic Design phase.


Financial investment decision anticipated by

Q4 2023.


AMS ... an essential input to maximize crop production.


Why Cornerstone Energy Park (CEP)?

The essential feedstocks that American Plant Food River Partners requires for fertilizer production have been produced safely at the Cornerstone site for nearly 70 years.

Feedstocks needed for production are already onsite.

Ammonia and sulfuric

acid, feedstocks

needed for ammonium sulfate (AMS) production,

are available onsite.

The production process benefits the environment.

APF's AMS production process will recycle a waste stream from the

acrylonitrile plant that has been historically disposed of in permitted deep wells. 

The Cornerstone site sits on the Mississippi River.

The CEP site provides efficient transportation access to the Mississippi River, the nation's most important crop nutrient transportation artery.


The Need

Reduced nitrogen fertilizer production in the U.S. has caused an increased reliance on foreign produced fertilizers. APF's proposed fertilizer production plant at CEP ensures access for Louisiana and American farmers to a dependable supply of crop nutrients made in the USA.


Our Commitment to Jefferson Parish

The proposed project represents a significant investment in Jefferson Parish.

Creating good-
paying, local

Phase 1 operations will create 28 new permanent full-time jobs, to include 13 full-time direct jobs and 15 full-time contractor jobs with an average annual salary of more than $120K. Additionally, an average of 220 construction jobs are anticipated during construction.

Hiring and training local Jefferson Parish citizens

Cornerstone has a strong record of local hiring and training at CEP.  APF is committed to continue CCC's tradition of training and hiring local citizens.

Using local suppliers, vendors, and contractors

CCC and APF plan to host a procurement open house where local suppliers, vendors, and contractors can learn how to contract with CCC and APF and to meet with procurement teams.

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American Plant Foods River Partners

3500 N Causeway Boulevard

Suite 136

Metairie, LA 70002

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